The Railway Station – Scene 1

I stood there at the railway station, counting the number of fans hanging from the ceiling as the rest of my family stood at a distance chatting away. It was 11 PM, and so the usually packed up place stood sparsely populated, with people restricting them to the benches, dozing away.

Only the Nescafe shops were open, and the hot coffee’s aroma magnetized me towards them. I walked towards one of the shops to order a cup for myself. I stood at a safe distance from my family, avoiding eye contacts, skipping any possibility of getting dragged into conversations that advised me to get more practical with my life.

As I sipped through, I noticed a dog, just skin and bones, sniffing around. It came nearer, and wagging its tail hard, stood looking at me.

“Uh oh..!! Sorry but i don’t have anything for you!” I said digging into my side bag. There was just a packet of chocolate cookies, which I wouldn’t even share with my younger brother, a stranger dog was just out of question.

I showed it the packet saying, “Sorry I got just this, and this aint for dogs!” making a face.

After wagging its tail for a minute more, it left me, strolling around in its quest for food.
I too prayed for someone in a “BEING HUMAN” t-shirt to spot it and feed.

At a distance, there was a dustbin, with garbage littered around. The dog went sniffing, and found thrown away bread crumbs and chappaties near it. Instead of glutting it down, it ran back, across the platform and vanished into the dark.

I stood there, in an act of investigation, what the stray was upto. Soon it came running back, halted at the bin, guarding the food. Behind it, came a little boy, barely 10 years old, barefoot and tattered, running.

“Weeeehh!” totally out of breath, he squealed joyfully, patting the dog. The young I was still puzzled. It was only when they settled down in between the litters, separating the food, dividing it equally among themselves that I realized what the two were up to!

“Hey, Noo…” I heard myself give out a startled shriek. Walking up to where they sat, I asked the boy not to eat rubbish, offering him the cookies.

He was clearly tempted, but did not take them from me. Probably for him what was available mattered more than what seemed alluring. I however, placed the cookies on his lap, and brisked away towards my family, and for the whole of the next day, survived just on water. Nothing else went down my gut!

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