Oh My Superpower? Aloofness!

My parents had put me into a school that was quite out of their budget. All they wanted for me was an education that they had craved all their lives, but couldn’t afford.

It was a great school, infact one of the best in town. I’m thankful to them for investing so much into my schooling, not because it was one of the best in imparting education, rather because it ingrained in me my “Superpower” that has helped me run a tight ship all these years!

A majority of students in my school had parents who were either industrialists or belonged to the local royal family or were successful high-end professionals. All this meant one thing – these young men and women were super rich. And the remaining ones, the ones who belonged to my financial cadre, were always in a constant tussle trying to match up to their elite standards.

My parents were however clear on this front. The education itself was the maximum they could afford, and hence it meant no fancy stationery, no branded stuff, no digital diaries and no qwerty keypad phones for me. I was told at a very young age itself that there will always be someone who’d be wealthier, more accomplished and more popular. AND THAT THESE THINGS DIDN’T MATTER!

I hence grew up being conspicuously unaffected by such developments around me. It helped me be focused on my academics and develop skills that were unique to me. I was also encouraged to appreciate what others had, rather than comparing my state of being with theirs. Even at instances where I would sulk about teachers exhibiting a partial behavior towards me as against these other kids, I would lovingly be asked to extract myself out of such ephemeral issues. “There are matters bigger than this that you should spend your precious attention on” either of my parents would repeat.

With such an upbringing, I was saved from being a wannabe. At a young age itself – I learnt to embrace my quirkiness, my limitations and my reality instead of being ashamed of it. I was trained to be selectively aloof about things that did not matter, rather be focused on the more relevant stuff.

And over the years I realize that this is not merely a random attitude, rather my SuperPower in disguise!

Even today, it helps me moonwalk over inconsequential stuff that is otherwise blown out of proportion by others. So while people around me are cribbing about their ass-kissing colleagues, or about their prettier siblings getting more likes on social media, I wear my cape of aloofness with grace and happily divert attention towards my next budget trip.

Swoosh and Kaboom!

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