Something Perfect

Her friends looked at her and smiled. A mischievous playful smile.

Being friends for the past four years. They could now mime communicate with each other. And for the past few days, she eagerly awaited this smile of theirs!

Turning around, she found him enter through the gates – stout and sturdy, he was a tough looking beardo with a sanguine flush, she blushed!

“Hahaha….” one of them laughed hysterically.

“I love this part where you notice him, and then blush like an idiot…!!” he said.

She smiled sheepishly.

“Yup… And come on… he knows that we ogle him from the moment he enters till the moment he leaves!” another one added.

“He does?” she asked startled.

“Of-course he does… Boys sense these kinda things quite easily!” he retorted.

She bit her nails.

“And he seems to be okay with it!” the one sitting next to her said, nudging her.
“So go and talk to him… it’s okay… we won’t tell anyone that you were the one who approached!” they giggled.

She rolled her eyes at them.

“No seriously… Look he’s coming our way, give it a leap….!” they urged.

She looked at him as he approached. One hell of a man he was. She counted all the reasons of why he would reject her.

Smart beyond words, he looked like a Greek God – majestic, athletic, taming a natural beard that turned him into an object of innate admiration! Hardworking. Smart-working. Cool and friendly. From all that she’d heard of him from all her sources, he was a perfect human being.

Then, when he was just a foot distance away, and she’d almost made up her mind, someone called him from behind.

And as he turned back and answered, she heard him for the first time. Loud and thunderous – a perfect baritone.

She sank back immediately….

“What happened stupid…? Just do it… Don’t think so much!”

“No…!” she replied looking away…

“But why…? Give it a shot, damn it!”

“No…!” this time she looked straight at them and they knew she meant it!

“But, why?” they asked visibly angry.

She looked at him as he passed them by, and just when he tried to return her gaze, she looked away.

“Can’t you guys see he’s just too perfect?” she pointed out to them, once he had crossed.

“But dear you’re no less!” they tried to speak.

“That’s not the point,” she cut through, “Look at him… he’s just the perfect kind of a guy, like the one I’ve always dreamed about! But the moment we become friends or anything more, he’ll start losing this charm… This air of acute perfectness won’t be there anymore as his flaws will be revealed! And I don’t want that to happen! Let him be there as this guy whom I never even talked to because I felt he was just so perfect that I never wanted to taint it with anything else, not even reality.

They just sat there gaping at her.

She knew they were thinking of all the times in their pasts, where they hoped they’d never approached those people, who’d seemed to be so perfect but ended up discovering that their perfection was not just enough.

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