Finding Her Home

She belonged to the seas! Or so they had always told her. Growing up in a desert town of Rajasthan, the rains and the sea always fascinated her. They told her that this was because she wasn’t a native; her parents had migrated here from the coastal part of India, and so it was just natural for her to be allured by the sea.

She grew up believing many such “facts” that people had told and retold, not only about the world but also about her.

And so the moment she got a chance to spread her wings and fly, she chose the hustling city by the sea. It worked wonders – her career was an upsurge, the dreams were finally materializing and everyone was proud and even boastful about her achievements. As it happens soon they found for her “the perfect” alliance and demanded her to concur. When she confronted, it was pointed out to her that their collective decisions had landed her all this success, and hence she should follow them, yet again. Apparently, tried and tested risks were safer to take!

Slowly it all dawned upon her. She realized that all this while she was living someone else’s dream. And that was precisely the reason why she cringed at the office parties, loathed the crowds, felt that spiritual void.  Somehow the cacophonous city had started to gnaw her and the sea too offered no respite. And in all her despair, she wanted to travel, to find herself, to find her roots, her own primitive self. She went to the snowcapped mountains, to the coasts, to the rainforests and to the shores! Something was amiss, everywhere. Home was still unknown!

And then when one day she cried herself off to sleep, she dreamt of dried oceans and shifting sands, of sparse vegetation in a sunlit land. She woke herself upright! This was it, the dream had revealed her home. She booked her tickets, this time to embrace the known!

And here she was a day later, harboured in a mudhouse with earthen pots, in a distant dhaani that housed a few ghoonghrooed camels, turbaned men and women in veil! As the cool evening breeze announced the end of yet another sun-kissed day, she asked Balwant sa, the rustic butler, to pull the khaat outside. She had missed the stars for long, and tonight, she’d sleep by the moonlit sky, letting its luminescence converse with her primaeval soul.

Though scanty and devoid of grandeur, the deserts made her realize what it was finally like being at home!

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