The Perfect Moment

She looked away as she passed him by
And gazed the distant city heights,
She knew that love was a perpetual lie,
But his eyes… his eyes…
Urged her to give it a try.

His boyish grin and tousled hair,
His insane talks just everywhere,
She shut her eyes and shook him off,
But he dared her bravity
Through his stare.

She knew that it was lame,
To let her heart play a lost game,
She knew that it too would end bad,
As all love stories were the same…

She knew it all, still her heart,
Pumped her to do her part,
She twitched her brows and turned around,
And was too astonished at what she found…

His eyes sparkling in the rays,
Though far apart,
Touched her soul,
Through their gaze!

A silent smile crossed her lips,
Coz she had lived a moment,
She chose to miss.

And though they weren’t meant to be,
this pristine perfect moment,
he gifted her for free!

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