Let’s Talk Weight Loss

Everyone goes through a phase of denial as they gain weight. For me it ranged from “I love myself the way I am” to “eat it all, for you live only once”, followed by excuses that I had a sitting job, I had  previously failed at all my new year resolutions and wasted gym money – not once, but twice. I would google “ways to hide your fat” while clicking pictures, would stay away from skinny people, and would drown behind books to avoid facing the reality. This carried on for a year, till I bloated up to a never touched weight of 70kgs. But more than the weighing scale my eye-openers were the pictures clicked when I was anchoring an event at my workplace. I couldn’t recognise myself. Just a few weeks after that, I had to go attend a childhood friend’s engagement party and when I met her mother, she refused to recognise me. When she finally did, she hugged and apologised, telling me that I was unidentifiable given the weight gain. It was then that I decided that I had enough. Not only was I looking damaged externally, internally too, I would give up just after climbing a single flight of stairs. I would huff and puff on my treks, and would apologise for lagging behind. I was just 26!

I told my friends this. They knew me, and so nobody suggested to join a gym. Rather they asked to set a daily routine first, where I would get up and go out on a walk every morning. Hence it began with baby steps. I would get up at 5.30 AM everyday, put on my running shoes and go jogging for 45 minutes. This continued for more than a month and a half, and though I did not lose any significant weight, i started to feel better about myself, along with having a daily routine in place.

Once this was set, a friend suggested me Obino , a fitness app. If you take a paid subscription of the app, you get a diet and a fitness coach. Both coaches give you a call, understand your health, your lifestyle preferences, and even your food and exercise preferences. Equipped with this info, they give you your weekly diet and fitness plan. They keep a daily tab on your progress, and even if you cheat on the diet or the fitness plan, they bring you back through words of encouragement – putting positive psychology to play! You upload your food pictures in the app, keep a count of your calorie intake and expends, by clocking in your workout details as well. All of this happens seamlessly through their app. As a result of following their prescribed list of food and exercises, I achieved my target of losing 10kgs in 3 months. i went on to losing a total of 14kgs, and now fit well within my BMI.

Obino, worked wonders for a lot of my friends. And for a lot of them it did absolutely nothing. It turned out for them another wasted investment into getting fit. They asked me how I did it, and i guess it can be summarized in the below 7 points:

  1. A solid reason – For me it was to look better, and to increase my stamina. Unless you have your own reason, you wouldn’t change – for better or for worse!
  2. A Goal – For me it was to lose 10 kgs in 3 months. I kept it a bit challenging, because well easier goals are always procrastinated to tomorrow.
  3. An Action Plan – I created an action plan that suited myself – gyms and fancy food aren’t exactly my favourites and hence I kept it to working out at home, and including home cooked “Indian” food as my preferred cuisine. To the skeptics’ surprise, it worked for me! Through your own trials and errors, you now know what works for you. Just pick and choose a plan that best suits your needs and try sticking to it.
  4. A “Red” Team – My Red Team consists of my “go-to” people. The ones who believe in me, cheer me up, and get me going. Surrounding myself with them helped me big time. My roommate chipped in too, and hence having a partner in crime in the weight loss journey made it a lot easier.
  5. Making it Fun – Any goal, if it feels like a heavy task, gives us a reason to quit. I hence, made the entire weight loss journey a fun experience. I would take healthy snacks to office, and share it during the tea-time with everyone around. I would bring different flavours of Green Tea, and make people try them along with me. I would publicly announce my weight loss goals, and ask everyone to root for me. I would reward myself, and those around me, with dark chocolates or an occasional sweets surge as a celebratory ritual. While working out, I used to put this on – Best Workout Songs 2018- Gym Training Motivation Music since the visuals of couple’s working out together was really a “hot” source of motivation!
  6. Affirmations – I am one of the strongest advocates of positive words, affirmations, vision boards and the like in my circle of influence. Google on weight loss affirmations, and paste them in places where you are likely to see them the most – your mirrors, fridge doors, phone wallpapers (I had Rihanna’s pic as my wallpaper!)
  7. Giving in to the Process – When you plunge into some lifestyle altering change, give into the process. You may have your doubts, you may question the workability of your plan, you may feel like a loser on the initial days. Rather than giving up, giving in will earn you the desired results. Just dress up, show up and do your part!

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