Let’s Celebrate Ourselves Through Creativity

Here’s a tribal lady asking us to stop right where we are; she wishes to know if we have dabbed into our creativity off late! You see, I made her over the weekend when a YouTube link popped up on how to craft her out of waste. And while it took me 4 hours to render her, and yes, while I’ll be celebrating my mediocrity at arts as I talk about her, here are a few things she helped me figure out during her own making:

Arts helps to Focus – When you’re involved in making something from scratch, you attain the flow state. This state helps you focus on the one thing at hand, a state where you’re so engrossed that the world around you comes to a halt. In times where we are always multi-tasking, easily distracted by multi-media, it’s a great weekend escape.

Arts helps to Relax – With some music of our choice in the background, as we play with paper, fevicol, hay and paints there’s a liberal release of dopamine – our natural antidepressant, calming our body and mind. Our creativity is sure to reduce our anxiety, depression and stress. It even helps us to process trauma. Our negative emotions find an outlet – art always helps where words can’t!

A completed project boosts Morale – It feels like God relaxing on the seventh day of the creation. Everything we create looks great to us. It’s how the Little Prince reflects, “It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important.” The time we wasted on our craft makes it important to us. It’s a small task that we finished against all odds, and the final product is a reward to our eyes, even to our morale.

So let’s relax and celebrate our creativity, in whichever forms it knocks on our doors. And let’s not be intimidated by big projects – if you’re a novice like me – start small. Even if it’s painting a little paper boat and floating it in the tub, do it, since such seemingly easy crafts also tend to have a deep calming effect on our minds and our bodies. A little dose of art therapy is always worth the efforts!

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