Do You Have A Red Team?

How many times have you wanted someone to smack you in the head while you were out on one of your idiotic sprints? How many of you have wished that someone would hold you tight and tell you that it was just a mistake and that you can give life another try? How many times have you wanted that someone sticks with you, throughout the journey, cheering for you, advising you, standing next to you in your battles and being proud of you that you atleast had the guts to follow your dreams. Such people help you see the silver lining, the rainbow after the storm and most importantly plant the seeds of self-belief which eventually help you grow!

The truth is you have a lot of people around you who are ready to give you the “I told you so” look. Often these are the people who are skeptical of taking risks, who are content in the comfort zone and will make you believe that the world deserves your mediocrity. But every once in a while you might meet a bunch of crazies, who see how amazing and how capable you are! They wonder why you’re so cocooned into being a worm while you are meant to be a butterfly! These people are not intimidated by you, probably because you are not the center of their universe. They have a functional ecosystem which they have to keep running, and you might just as well be a tiny spec in their wild realm of things. They are always on the quest to better themselves – physically, emotionally, spiritually. They do not believe in playing a victim’s role and wouldn’t let you do that to yourself as well. They would neither be jealous of your achievements nor would laugh of at your failures. Everything is a lesson for them. They’ll play the devil’s advocate in whatever you choose for yourself just so that you know that you are after something that you really want. Since so much is happening around them, they usually do not have the time for useless drama, and so tend to cut out people from their lives who don’t serve them their purpose. They teach you the hard way that saying NO is an option, sometimes by even cutting you off from their lives if they are on something more important. Since there is so much growing involved in their own lives, they only want likeminded people in their lives, and often it is a choice for you whether you want to stay or leave. They can be too much for some, because growth takes efforts, and, for a lot of people maintaining the homeostasis of averageness and fitting in is the norm they can not break free off.

But if you are someone who wants to push your limits, you should look out and identify such people in your life and add them to your “red team”. No they won’t be right always. Neither do they claim to be. But they’ll help you check your beliefs, remind you of your greatness and your frailties, warn you if you are repeating your past patterns that had previously led you to nowhere. Most importantly, they’ll not only stand with you on days when you’d be carrying the winner’s crown, but also on days where you feel like camouflaging yourself within the walls of self-loathing and hateful self-criticism.

Your red team shows you the mirror – not just your strengths, or your flaws, but your entire journey and your evolution. And on days when it is difficult to breathe, knowing the fact that you have people who accept you with open arms gives you unparalled mental strength. The red team stands for possibilities. They stand for love. Time spent with them makes you feel more confident, loved and positive.

Hunt for such people throughout your life, and keep them. Keep your RED TEAM for your good, bad, ugly days and see how your life is transformed.

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