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The number 9 is a strange one. While it looks strongest in the 0-9 series, the .99 connotation renders it an “almost there” feel.

Mathematically it’s weird too – when 9 is multiplied by any number, the product adds up to being a 9! 9*7 = 54 : 5+4 = 9 and when it’s added to another number, the sum of the addition is the number itself! 9+5=14 : 1+4=5

The number gives you yourself when it’s added and transforms you to itself when it is multiplied. While it makes you strongest of the lot, it may also push you to the runner-up aisle.

It all depends on how you use it, how you place it. It all depends on You. The train you catch makes all the difference. The platform is just a facilitator. The number just an indicator. The choice – it’s always yours!

The posts here on this blog are similar. From its book reviews to short stories to all the Gyaan, its entirely your choice on how you let it impact you.

Welcome to Platform No 9. Your baggage (emotional or otherwise) is solely your responsibility here, do watch out and have a fun ride!

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