Book Recommendation – Let’s Talk Money – Monika Halan

There is a lot of online gyaan on personal finance management, but as with all the other online gyaans, there is way too much content on this as well, which often leaves you bewildered, on where to start from. And that is when this book by Monika Halan caught my attention while thrifting through an airport book shop.

The Lost Generation

She talks about the dying professions that are now mostly redundant, given the lifestyle advancements we have all made. Now culturally exhausted, having lived out their natural lives, these professions have become an anachronism.

Book Recommendation: What It Is Like To Go To War – Karl Marlantes

The book deals with war, the people who fight it, and the PTSD that follows. It’s hence definitely not an easy read, nevertheless, a must-read not only for policymakers, war proponents and military personnel but also for the usual civilians.

Book Recommendation: Where Borders Bleed – Rajeev Dogra

From the pre-partition days till now, this is a well researched book that talks of all the major wars, the Kashmir issue, Article 370, the US-Soviet-Afgan-Pakistan-Bangladesh issues faced by India, also often describing how Pakistan has now become a nuclear state, thus becoming a country dreaded by all the other nations. 

Book Recommendation: Shoe Dog – Phil Knight

The book had me spell bound from the very first page. It is often said that entrepreneurs are risk takers, go getters and what not - but Phil's book tells you the real fact - these are the people "passionate" about their dreams!

Book Recommendation : Following Fish – Samanth Subramanian

A collection of 9 essays, this 150+ page book is a narrative journalism on coastal India, an overwhelming account of its fishing communities -
always the first tribes to encounter and survive the influence of foreign traders and intruders.

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